I look at the sea and remember you. I met you at the sea, a summer so innocent and young that I still can’t forget. In similar waves, we ended up in our first words and glances, with the sun in the company. We exchanged similar thoughts under the moonlight as it reflected its thin layer of silver on the waves.

On the same beach every summer, we shared kisses, moments flooded with love, our bodies passionately resting on the sand, entwined in grains of gold. The sea always reminds you. At its bottom, we hid, as we hid the most secret sweet words until the wind blew them away. The most amorous glances were captured against the background of the hot flame of the sun. In the waters we swam, we left behind the troubled world, forgotten in front of the peace of the utopia we built together.

I will not forget that sea, the terrible one. That day you let the waves wash you away. You were swimming deep. You looked so close to land I could almost touch you. I gazed into the unlimited that joined you. The rays happily filled our satiated bodies, and the gentle coolness released the shackles of the real world.

Nothing stopped the waves of complaint when the sun hid under the rushing gray clouds. Nothing scared you.

I know you love the sea. I will never forget it. But I never understood what happened to you, how you finally made the ocean your home.

I recognized your voice in the noisy air and my name from your lips as a sign of help. You fought to free yourself from raging shapes of water, monsters that attacked my only love. The wet demons hindered me, and the wind drew me to the land. The sky let the raging tears lash me, and the night plunged the sea into fury. I couldn’t get close to you. You kept drifting ever closer to a forgotten god.

I always wondered why this happened, why the beloved sea took you with it. I’ve been looking for you in its waves since then, along with the wind, your voice. I wait in vain for the appearance of a mermaid emerging from the forgotten memories of the sea that sunk deep.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

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