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I chose my happiness. I extract my gifts from my existence. I saw the light outside my cave. I studied literature, media and film production. I am a model for life and a creator of thought.

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Vax Effect

Short Script by Diana Chemeris Story Plot: People are getting vaccinated during the pandemic, but some people refuse to get the vaccine and are faced with the consequence of being an outcast from society, others are forced to get the vaccine in order not to lose their job. Some years have passed and the vax…


Feature Script by Diana Chemeris Story Plot: Magi, after an accident, has a strong connection with Dario. Dario tries to help Magi, to pursue her old forgotten dream of becoming a great pianist. Dario also tries to convince her to accept his loss and move on, because he died in that accident. After a trial…


Short Script by Diana Chemeris Story Plot: Manos has a Double Self who appears when he drinks by videotaping himself. He seems to be claiming a place in his life and seeks revenge for an old vendetta. When an old rival reappears, he sparks the emergence of the Double Self, who hangs out with a…

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