Vax Effect

Short Script by Diana Chemeris

Story Plot:

People are getting vaccinated during the pandemic, but some people refuse to get the vaccine and are faced with the consequence of being an outcast from society, others are forced to get the vaccine in order not to lose their job. Some years have passed and the vax effects are visible. The vaccinated people are much older than they are supposed to be, many are bitter or gave up on life, but some seek revenge..

Writer Statement

In this dystopian society we leave in, for sure there gonna be some side effects. We cannot refuse the posibility of a more dystiopian future that lays upon us through our desicions and obedience. «Vax Effects» even imaginary, lays one posibillity of the outcome.

Official Selections

Semi-Finalist: Florida Script Challenge 2022

Official Selection: Best Script Award – London 2022

Official Selectiom: short-filmz 2022

Nominee – Best of Festival: International Hollywood Short Film Festival 2022

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