Feature Script by Diana Chemeris

Story Plot:

Magi, after an accident, has a strong connection with Dario. Dario tries to help Magi, to pursue her old forgotten dream of becoming a great pianist. Dario also tries to convince her to accept his loss and move on, because he died in that accident. After a trial in an audition, Magi meets Nick and gets into his band. She manages to forget Dario, but deep inside she refuses to let him be in peace. Dario becomes her demon that she can’t escape.

Writer Statement

When we lose a loved one through death, we keep him alive in our subconscious. We hear what the desceasant want to say, or what he wants us to do. We end up following wishes of a dead person, move forward with a ghost in our head that dictates our life for better or worst. But we have to get free from the ghosts in our mind, and it is our responsibility to make the right choices.

Official Selections

Finalist: International Screenwriting Competition 2022

Honorable Mention: Australia Film Festival 2022

Official Selection: Mexico Film Festival Awards 2022

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