Short Script by Diana Chemeris

Story Plot: Manos has a Double Self who appears when he drinks by videotaping himself. He seems to be claiming a place in his life and seeks revenge for an old vendetta. When an old rival reappears, he sparks the emergence of the Double Self, who hangs out with a bum, Jose, in a neighborhood bar. When Manos is fired, he discovers that he has memory gaps, also he discovers the videotapes of himself in various phases of his life, the oppressed subconscious mind found a way to communicate. Jose challenges the Double Self to emerge, in order to take revenge on the old opponent and steal a car.

Writer Statement:

Double refers to the other self within us. The one with suppressed emotions who knows them well. He wants to release them but he can’t. Manos faces a situation in which his hidden self comes to the surface and accuses him, without his knowledge. Double leaves messages to Manos through the camera. Our other self always leaves messages but we never notice them. This brings us to a situation called “struggle of the self”. Unconsciously we attack each other, the accusation prevails and self-destruction comes.

Official Selections

Finalist: Vesuvius International Film Fest 2020

Honorable Mention: Australia Film Festival 2022

Official Selection: Script+ International Script Challenge 2021

Official Selection: Mexico Film Festival Awards 2022

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