«Closet» is an experimental film shot in quarantine, using only the clothes from the director’s personal collection in her closet.
The film visually demonstrates thoughts that visit the creator while alone at home. Presenting the psychology of most people nowadays, trying to pursue something that does not exist, pushing fast toward the game of life, and losing the true meaning of personal growth.

Director Statement

We live in challenging times to express our honest inner thoughts, trying to hide the uncomfortable truth of existence. Closet is an experiment, a bet that I put on myself. While in lockdown, thoughts are running out. There is no way out, only inside. The stuff surrounding you becomes a possible inspiration for creation. Every fabric becomes a way to show your emotion, and every color translates into a word. The costumes I created from the deepest drawers in my personal collection were made to explain a personal truth or an image that the world can understand and relate to.
«Closet» was a great experience to introduce myself and my inner insecurities through my personal closet.


Official Selections

Fashion Films Festival RD – Virtual Edition – 2021

Pharos Best Inspiration Film Festival 2021

Croatia Fashion Film Festival 2021 Nominee «Best Actress-Model»

UK Fashion Film Festival 2021
Nominee «Best Actress-Model»

Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF 2021

Free the Kitsch Athens Film Fest 2021

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2021 Nominee «Best Actress – Model»

FashFilmFete 2022

The brands in my «Closet»

Bokeh South Africa Fashion Film Festival 2022

Agrinio International Film Festival 2022

6th Photometria in Motion 2022

10th International Video Poetry Festival 2022

Seattle International Fashion Film Festival 2022


Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF 2021 – Honorary Distinction

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Fairy Tales May Be Real


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