My film «D-Obsession»

Daria fantasies obsessively her old lover, he becomes her demon who tries to make her admit her deepest wish, to run away from her husband.»D-Obsession refers to demonic obsessions that take life.

Director Statement

The movie refers to a demon in a woman’s mind, that her obsession of him, makes her eventually do what she really wants. Demons in our head know our inner thoughts, they manipulate us in many ways to act. They scream in our concious heads, while we deny the truth of our deepest desires.

Film Trailer


Daria: Nayia Pyrgarousi

Diago: Rigas Skepetaris

Alexander: Stergios Ioannou

Director / Writer: Diana Chemeris

Assistant of Director: Andreas Papadopoulos

Director of Photography: Gregory Voukalis

Assistant of DP: Andreas Stavropoulos

Director of Sound: Irini Balta

Script: Steven Nomikos

Editor: Michael Taffa

Music Composer: Yannis Mygdanis

Violin: Katherine Mavroidi (Katy Grey)

Sketcher: Inna Voutsa

Dressed by: Fashion Prince Erotokritos / Lora Dimoglou – Fashion Designer

Link of music: https://soundcloud.com/yannis-mygdanis/sets/d_obsession

Official Selections:

Athens Marathon Film Festival 2019

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2019

Retro Avant Garde Film Festival 2019

Croatia Fashion Film Festival 2020
Nominee Best Actress

UK Fashion Film Festival 2020
Nominee Best Emerging Talent

Photometria International Photography Festival 2020

Piraeus Film Festival 2020

Yard Film Festival 2020

Athens International Digital Film Festival 2020

Jharkhand International Film Festival 2020

Kubrick Film Festival 2020

Ostia International Film Festival 2020

Flix Reps Festival 2020

Standalone Film Festival & Awards 2021
Nominee «Best Female Writer»

Inter Short Film Festival 2021


Cannes World Film Festival 2021
Nominee «Best Female Director» – «Best Actress»

Nafplio International Film Festival – Bridges 2021


Best Actress: Retro Avant Garde Film Festival 2020

Best Actress: Yard Film Festival 2020

Best Debut Director: Jharkhand International Film Festival 2020

Honorable Mention: Flix Reps Festival 2020

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D-Obsession movie about obsession, film festivals streaming on ChiTv

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