You want to know my secret. I didn’t forget you. I couldn’t. I waste my evenings wondering, were you really there or just, in my imagination, tricks of my own making? You seduce me, and I feel you, hidden among dreams made of flowers.

So little time has passed, so little time to learn you, to understand your blurred image completely. One day we met by chance like two conspirators of fate. We mirrored an omen of something forgotten, which we both had to discover.

You gave your best to remain imprinted. You played me off and pissed me off until I was ridiculed, yet you succeeded. This movement is not going away. It remains, in those hours, during the day when I am not concerned with anything else but you, like an obsession.

The ego galloped, rode the horse of the illusion of unpleasant feelings, and trampled them. Hidden desires that are ashamed, repressed, not externalized, unrequited feelings, accusations. We turned our backs on the things we really wanted, on the words we capture every night in our imaginations.

A life we had, a life we lost, a life we could have, and a life we will make. Questions, answers. All in the mind, phrases, words, whispers, irresistible from the tongue into the void. And I keep thinking about you, I imagine. Wicked thoughts, fiery images, obscene fantasies.

When you call your fairy at your bedside, to hug and talk to her, don’t forget that I know. I committed to what we created subconsciously and intentionally. Although I chose everything else, I finally chose you. Illusions of one night, of everyday life.

On those nights, I imprisoned you. This is my secret. You do not leave, in vain, as if you are near me. I want to erase you with new memories and meaningless situations. Until you come back again, more intensely, and the question remains. Who you are.

I can’t get out of my mind. I can’t. I will believe, I will live it, I will dare, I will not be ashamed. I will break free, and I will be lost. Then sweetly, I’ll kiss you and wipe you out.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

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Fairy Tales May Be Real


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