We are not alone. Surrounded by people unknown in familiar groups whom I don’t remember. Faces blurred in the rush of time. You were sitting next to me. You were afraid of the strange looks that were tearing at your soul. You were expecting something terrible, and you wanted to protect yourself. You couldn’t speak. You were shaking. You hid your face from the cold, the smoke, and the words the unnamed mask muttered.

You were no longer near me. You were across from me, at the other end. We stood on the cliff, different. The distance separated us. Between us, the void, nothing united us. I could not reach, catch, or protect you from the groups we once met. They were behind you. The same crowd was behind me, waiting for my next step toward the void.


Together again. In a place discovered in our dreams, the island of our dreams. We were welcomed by the people of the strange land with its rich fruits, tall trees, and chirping animals. A place of peace and hospitality, full of friendly faces. A dream comes true for you and me.


We were running to escape. But then, everything went dark, the sky like a heavy pencil, the trees and fruits rotted, and the animals screamed. The friendly humans displayed sharp teeth on their mutated faces, and the darkened skin was not human-like. We were hunted for purposes we were afraid to admit until we found ourselves in the boat of the dark sea.


I’m alone, and you’re not next to me. A heavy void for the face that was lost, I’m looking for it, I don’t recognize it, I don’t remember it. Loneliness and sadness in my lonely bed, I’m looking for some memory, some sign that you were there. Where did you go? Did you jump off the cliff, or did they finally catch you?

You are by my side. I curled up in your arms and fell asleep. They are just nightmares. Everything will be fine.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

Δημοσιεύτηκε από τον dianachem

Fairy Tales May Be Real


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