The Tie

I am suffocated by this tie, as this woman suffocates me. She tightens my neck tightly, sitting in a knot. I’m patient, and I fix her. She tightens again as if she’s doing it on purpose. Every time I want to untie her, I don’t. I really like this particular tie, as I like this particular woman.

She is sitting on the couch, chatting. Words I don’t understand, I don’t make sense of. She gossips about our relationship and accuses me for no reason. Why?

What complaint does she have again? I take care of her. I provide her with trips, gifts, and security. I keep a relationship that covers her. Demanding woman, normally she shouldn’t complain, she lacks nothing. Only whining, not happy at all. Everywhere she finds a reason to fight, to grumble. I hear fluff and fluff from her mouth.

Nerves. I’m a demanding man, too. It’s no coincidence that I can provide her with everything. I work, I’m busy at work, and she does her shopping. I’m in meetings, and she goes for a walk with her friends. I sign contracts, and she visits the salon. I have never complained about the lifestyle she leads. So how does she find an excuse to complain?

She mumbles, something about a girlfriend of hers who thinks I flirt. She mutters. I haven’t gotten her the bag she wants. She complains that I don’t love her like before. She says it in a cold tone and seems to enjoy it. She wants to push me to my limits.

This tie tightens me as this woman tightens my life. I can’t stand her anymore. I want to get rid of her. I unfasten. The knot is untied, hangs lightly on my shoulders, and I feel free.

She continues mumbling, and I look at her in horror. She doesn’t stop. How has this woman changed? She is not the woman I fell in love with. Another one took her place, an unknown imposter. I have never faced so much complaining, so much accusation anywhere. She doesn’t love me. The proof is in her harsh words. I love a gold digger. I can’t bear to listen to her anymore. I have to get rid of her too.

I approach her from behind. I don’t hear what she says, meaningless words from a cold voice that doesn’t really care about me. She wants to annoy me in every way and achieve her goal. Damned woman.

I pick up my tie. I stretch it tight like a strong rope. I pull her back hard. Her eyes are wide in surprise, looking up into mine. She resists, shakes, and is afraid. The veins in her neck jump. She tries to free herself from the tie, but I don’t let go. I tighten tighter. Her neck was trapped in the same tie that had been a knot on my neck a moment ago. Except it’s not the same, I choke her.

She wants to say something, but she can’t. I can’t hear her anymore. Just some stubbornness. And then silence.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

Δημοσιεύτηκε από τον dianachem

Fairy Tales May Be Real


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