Lost Valentine

This letter is dedicated to the one who departed. His breath was lost in the abyss, in the unknown, but not far away. He, who became one with the stars, I search him among them every night. A letter to the one who left so many memories but remained nothing but a memory.

He taught me to love, care, to feel. I cared for him, and I loved him. He left in the night like a thief. He was stolen. The one who lit up my face with his smile. And his smile disappeared.

Years have passed. So many that I didn’t understand how they passed. I grew up, but he stayed still on that fateful day that took him away. He left his body and disappeared into the void. His eyes faded, the ones I loved. Years have passed, yet it’s as if not a day has passed. I perished with him as well. How did we die like that?

I see him, I hear him. He’s not entirely gone, no. He remains by my side, his smell, voice, and presence. It is here, a daily memory. He lives. So many things I remember, so many things stayed with me. So many things I wanted to happen, but they can’t anymore.

He comes in the evenings. He visits me. Those dreams seem real, and I have him in front of me. I forget his death, and I believe he never died. Those evenings I wait for him as if nothing has changed. We continue where we left our life together, those dreams that make up for what was lost.

We live together, dance, sing, and laugh. Words, love, games. I feel his flesh, eyes, and kisses as if he had never left. His passion is still ongoing. He is with me. One “I love you” for a good night. Until the good morning when I wake up.

He doesn’t leave me. He comes at unexpected moments. He won’t leave me, promises, sweet words, caresses, hugs. He doesn’t leave me. He reminds me that he exists. He’s still here. In my heart, my mind, I hold him. I’m not letting him.

My Valentine. We celebrated the previous ones you lost together, and we will meet again this year. I’m waiting for you. Meeting inside the dreams that I want so much to fulfill, I know it’s impossible. I replaced the reality that was lost with his loss.

So, until this night.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:


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