My King

I love my king, my emperor, and my husband. He respects his country, villagers, and subjects. He rules with vigor and ability. In matters of war, he prevails in strategy over the generals, and in times of peace, prosperity remains in the country.

My king, my star, my light, my eyes, the whole world. I am proud to be his queen, sitting by his side next to his throne. Among the rest of the princesses of the land, he chose my beauty to adorn his empire, my obedience. I am proud of my king.

He is tender to me, reserved, discreet in his manners, as befits only a king. He is a courageous and fair man, worthy of valor and respected by all. The people love him, and so do his maids.

I am happy in my castle. I am satisfied with the treatments and the position I hold in power. My every wish is a command. I cannot ask for any other luck, and I dare not ask for anything else from God. I am blessed.

Inside the castle, among the riches, I walk the majestic corridors. A habit of my ordinary life when I am not needed at my emperor’s side. I have yet to give him offspring, but he rarely comes to my chamber. Still, I see the appreciation and kind love in his eyes, and that’s enough for me. I love him.

One day I heard laughter in one of the chambers, which was his. I stood close to the stone window. I knew that female voice. I waited until the chatter and laughter stopped. Then, finally, a castle maid came out beaming with joy. She has treated me a few times.

She mentioned that she served the king’s meal, keeping him little company at the only time of the day when he rests from the country’s pressing issues. A spark of jealousy flickered within me. He prefers the company of a maid to mine. Her polite smile and pleasant, cheerful ways extinguished the spark. I didn’t bother him.

Sometime later, the maid married with the king’s blessings and gave birth. The case was forgotten in my mind until I passed through that particular chamber again. I stayed longer near the window, listening in horror to the king’s and the woman’s voices full of pleasure. Then, I ran away through the corridors of the kingdom.

A little while later, his majesty visited me, and I greeted him with a scornful smile. He kissed my hand without noticing my mood. He was in a good mood, and his eyes were shining with happiness. He was flushed. I could smell the woman’s scent on him, which was not mine. The flame of jealousy ignited, and my mind clouded. It’s crazy. How dare he. My king betrayed me, and he will betray my country along with me. I wouldn’t allow it. I love my country.

I rudely shooed the servants from my chamber, pretended I had some severe matter to discuss, and persuaded him to sit down to tea with me. Of course, I did not mention the incident, but the future offspring we would have as I watched him drink the bitter tea I offered him.

Doubt crossed his eyes, followed by fear under my hard dispassionate gaze. The cup spilled from his hands, along with the arsenic that slipped through my clumsy hands a moment ago. He was struggling on the floor. He was sparring, hurting, begging, praying, and threatening me as I made my tea. I know that by the time the guards arrive, he will be dead, and I will be executed.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

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Fairy Tales May Be Real


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