Do you feel? The love that didn’t go away. The kisses, the caresses, the sweet talks that stayed, even if we are not together anymore. Do you feel? The spark that has not been extinguished cannot be destroyed, a flame that resists the wind. Do you feel? I still feel like you do, and I sleep with you every night.

Do you remember when we were in love? No one stopped us, and no one got in the way. No one existed. Just you and me. Do you remember? Glimpses, promises, deeds that were not forgotten, buried in the heart of a secret chest, like a treasure. Do you remember? You haven’t forgotten them either. Every time you remember, you smile.

You feel your thought galloping towards me, calling me to turn. You push her away because you are afraid to feel, don’t push me away. I am telling you. I am calling you. Feel your heart that goes through a thousand emotions when my image appears in your mind, and somewhere there is hidden a sweet smile, a forgotten “I love you.”

Do you remember when you fell in love with me, and I fell in love with you? Hugs on the beach, with a bottle of wine, the stars kept us company inside those moments we wrote in the cosmic calendar. Together forever, we said. You remember looking at these same stars now and wondering where everything went.

You remember. Feel. They’re not gone. They never will be. They will remain hidden in the memories, don’t chase them away. A smile united us, a shy little word. We found ourselves among many people, shared moments, and connected lives. And yet, you and I met by chance and fell in love. And I’ll tell you a secret. These emotions don’t get deleted.

As much as I try to erase them sometimes. Other times I want to keep them. I keep them as a gift because these things made us live and fall in love. Without you and me, we would never have discovered them. Without you, my heart would still sleep, frozen and full of ignorance.

And even though we got apart, it doesn’t matter. Everything remains by our side, every moment, every minute, every day, the memory of what we had. And it doesn’t matter if we live with others. We will discover so much more with them, true love found among many lovers. So we did not fail. On the contrary, we triumphed.

Do you feel? You remember when I told you everything is a shared secret and we discovered it together? Don’t forget your loves because they leave. Only the feeling remains. The one you try in vain to erase, don’t. Live it, love it. The moment has not passed. It is always there. And tomorrow, when we meet under the same stars, we’ll exchange a thank you on the lips because we made it. Do you remember? Do you feel? Do you love?

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:


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