The Neighborhood Kid

The patrol car outside the building takes the neighbors’ testimonies. The dark atmosphere of death has enveloped the neighborhood. Nobody expected something like this to happen, and nobody expected him to react like this. No one expected that the child’s soul would lose its innocence and become a tool of murder.

We’ve been listening to her for a while now, and not a day goes by without her raising her voice. A hysterical woman who lives with her ten-year-old son. He was a little angel. When he met the neighbors, he shyly gathered and greeted them timidly. On good days, he was allowed to play with the neighborhood children, and then he became lively. But the bad ones…

She was shouting, for no particular reason, no one could understand. A neurotic woman who, from morning to night, took out her nerves on the ten-year-old innocent boy, her victim.

<<You’re useless.>> we could hear from downstairs. <<You’re good for nothing.>> she shouted hysterically. <<Clean up and don’t talk.>> we listened in the afternoons. <<Why did I give birth to you.>> she asked aloud. Compassion filled our hearts for the little child who was the recipient of harsh words and tolerated them quietly.

<<I will kill you.>> we heard one day. We commented negatively on the words of the heartless mother, but we never imagined the consequences. The hysterical shouting continued at the appointed times when the child was home. Nothing changed in the routine downstairs.

One day, shortly after the voices stopped, there was a knock at the door. We asked before opening, and we heard the hesitant little voice of the boy from downstairs. We opened the door.

The innocent look was frightened. Something cold covered his eyes. His shirt was soaked in sweat and spattered with blood, and his body shook.

<<My mom doesn’t scream anymore.>> he said fearfully, bringing tears to his eyes.

We put him in our house, and he couldn’t explain what happened. He sat speechless, shocked with us. We didn’t know what to make of his appearance. We went downstairs. The apartment door was slightly open.

We went in. Bloodstains led us to the kitchen. The horrific scene shocked us, and we still can’t believe it. The kitchen knife beside the chair and the bloodied mother, her eyes frozen, stunned over her cut throat.

We called the police. The kid still didn’t realize what he had done. He was sitting inside the patrol car, lost in thought, without communication with the environment. This innocent little angel broke and did the act of a common murderer. He couldn’t stand his mother’s voice, and he put an end to her voice. Now, he carries the threats of the past with him, and he actually made the horrific action come true.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

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