Dark Magic From A Friend

My mother’s friends are as strange as she is. She introduced me to one of the many friendships she keeps. Her friend had nowhere to stay then, so she hosted her at our house. From two women, we became three. And there was no shortage of couscous, accompanied by coffee.

My mother’s friend is strange. She deals with mysticism, and she sees the world differently. She fills my mother with stories of ghosts and entities from another dimension. She fills her head with strange things, spells, and ways to ask entities for something she wants. These stories excite my mother. So, her company was pleasant to her.

It’s been a while since she left, but everything has changed. Our business and finances took a nosedive. Misfortunes followed one after the other. No matter how hard my mother tried to follow her friend’s advice, she couldn’t fulfill her wishes and figure out what was wrong.

It never crossed our minds to the witch until we found needles of different lengths lying secretly under my mother’s bed. Needles that my mother knew from her research represented curses and black magic.

We got sly and started looking around the house, up and down every corner. Beds, sofas, tables, bookcases, everything was moved from their place. Everything was carefully palpated and investigated. And at some point, we found them.

Under some chair covers from three chairs in the dining room. My mother pointed it out. I didn’t notice. I could not see. Under the influence of the spells, my eyes were blind, and the magic disappeared before me. Wire mesh wrapped in a circular shape, fastened with rusty needles that magically held them firmly under the covers.

We got noisy, and my mother was saddened that a dear friend turned out to be her sworn enemy. With a mask of friendship, most insidiously and diabolically, she wanted to harm her through black magic, therefore, me too.

My mother’s knowledge has grown since then. With matches in hand, inside a metal jug, we placed the needles and wire stuffed with paper and alcohol to make burning easy. We put them in the middle of the room and stood facing each other. With one movement, the match caught fire and fell into the jug.

They caught fire straight away, and the smoke enveloped the mystical atmosphere of the room. With raised hands, full of concentration, we called our patrons. The fire between us burned in the colors of blinding green, a strange color. The noise of the flame broke the silence. The smell of burning iron signaled the end.

I don’t know what happened to my mother’s strange ex-friend. All I know is that the ritual sapped our energy, and we fell into a deep tired sleep for twelve hours. The magical green fire remained a strong memory. The feeling of fullness and fulfillment afterward marked the success of the sacred ritual. I know the house became more cheerful after that day, and our personal matters took off.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:


Δημοσιεύτηκε από τον dianachem

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