When The Crown Comes

When Cyprus Models Agency decided to crown me, it was a dream came true. I Became Mrs Cyprus Globe 2017. Every woman deserves a crown, and this is exactly what Mrs. Globe trying to teach. The Crown is a big responsibility, it lead the population and is admired by people. It is an influential tool that determinates the direction of a country, a city, a bussines, a house, or a person. It decides.

I always wanted a crown, always felt like a queen. But a foreign girl in a foreign country has no right on such privilege. I was sad when that possibility was declined. I proceed legally by purchasing what is rightful for me. God helped me to legally represent my country as Mrs. Cyprus Globe 2017 in Shenzen of China. It was a trip never to forget, by rehearsing every day to put the biggest show of our lives and trying to be perfect, stand up and make it. Things I learned is that everybody judges, better not to care about the criticism of others, and not feeling down when mistakes being made. I believed in myself and realized that life is a wonderful procces. I met wonderful women from all over the world. Women that live to inspire.

Mrs. Globe is not just a beauty pageant, they teach women how to be Queens.

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