Once Upon a Time I was.. Lady Gaga

Girl talks about her past and how she was confused with lady gaga
By Alessandro Gerini

I decided to change my hairstyle.Platinum color and strict lines. From that day, I became her. It followed me everywhere i went. «You look like Lady Gaga». My whole modeling career started by imitating her, I grew through that look. In milano, they started calling me her name. I barelly knew if they remembered my real name.

In beginning was confusing, but afterwards I cannot lie. I enjoyed It. It was fun to impersonate a superstar. Especially the ones who lead the change in the industry and started new trends. I liked what she did and how she did it. I lived that crazy times as freely and lively I could.

But when you take someone else identity, you tend to loose yours. Eventually i did not want to me the Crazy one. Everybody expected me to do something crazy, de\ress weird, or say something weird. I did not wanted to say anything. Some would say I overdone it even. Through my late teens i strugled to find the real girl in me.I honor the times that I was her. But after long time, I finally managed to meet me. It is not easy imitating someone, sometimes you are not that person, you lose yourself, and it is difficult to tell the difference.

Many times I wanted to get rid of that look, but that look made me who I am. The industry did not let me. So i dissapeared. I faded away the myth. and in this times of oblivion, something magical happened. I finally met me. And when I came bacl. Nobody was asking the Lady Gaga in me anymore. They knew they will find only Diana. I am imitiating a fairy now. But at least it’s me. Today and what I know is a blessing, and those times gave me a lot of fun experience. I am very grateful for choosing her, cause she is an icon that I still look up to. Worth every «Look, it’s Lady Gaga»

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