The Duke

When I am thirsty, they provide me with water, as cool as they are. When I’m hungry, a hearty meal awaits me, made by them. Whatever whims and desires I have, my orders are fulfilled, thanks to them.

I bear the title of Duke, and I am not some whatever man. On the contrary, I have offered services to the state and personal favors. My money is divided into estates and buildings, from which I derive a solid income.

That’s how I built my empire and my fortune with good deals, hard work, and a strong legacy. As an honorable and well-known member of society, I demand respect, promptness, and obedience.

My orders can be many, a simple bath or renovation of the castle for the next dance in honor of the aristocracy of my class. Nothing is missing from my life. My tastes are eccentric and eclectic, as are my deepest passions.

Every summer, I hire a new maid. Her beauty must be pure, and her obedience faithful. I don’t tolerate them not doing their job correctly, especially these little girls who only have a salary and a house that I provide for their services.

My castle has many rooms, comfortable and beautiful, there I house them. If they are obedient, they get a reward, the best ones I give diamonds. But, no, just one is not enough for me. I want options, like my daily activities, to be carefully chosen and varied.

When I’m hungry, they feed me. When I’m thirsty, they quench my thirst. When I have other appetites, dark ones, they fulfill them.

My collection of poor women and oddities is now an open secret in my personal circle. When the full moon arrives, I call them to me, line them up, and choose the most desirable ones on those days. Later they will meet me in the deepest chambers of the castle, in the basement near the old dungeon. Where voices are muffled, and my dark imagination remains secret.

At the full moon, everything is allowed, an amorous night where the most unruly and youthful energies are tamed. Candles, knives, chains, rods. Everything is allowed in the hidden room. Sometimes I’m cruel. I tie them up, whip them, beat them, and I know they like it. You only hear pleasure from their mouths on those magical evenings. They are also perverted to my sadism. Until the night is gone, I remain delighted by the bright ray of pleasure that has dissolved within me.

Whom should I choose tonight?

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

Δημοσιεύτηκε από τον dianachem

Fairy Tales May Be Real


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