New Year

New year, a new beginning. Another year has passed, and yet so much has changed. The year passed with a gift. An awakening that changed my eyes and my voice. A different consciousness, a different world. Before, I could not see. Now everything opened before me. Everything is so clean, so bright.

Year after year, they talk about a change in total consciousness, they say, different vibrations. Global awakening. The truth is very different from what they say. I am closer to Universe, and I see the world clearly.

I was young, still new to the world. I could not conceive such insight, such power. I didn’t want to see it. I avoided it. In the real world, I closed my eyes and ears. But deep inside, I knew. It was intuition that directed the way.

I wanted to live the human experience as one lives it in our time. I became ambitious, arrogant, cruel, convinced that I was not wrong, trapped in my own opinions, and believed in my own selfish thoughts. I did what I wanted, said what I wanted, and never thought of the consequences. My ego, my self-delusion, won me over.

There came a day when I discovered that I was wrong. I have said enough. I cannot live in the illusion I have created, in material wickedness, to fill every step of my life with envy. I didn’t want my life like this anymore, full of fear and rage. One day I changed, and the world changed as I saw it.

And this thought became a signal to the higher. Like a button, it triggered the beginning of awakening. It started as a dream, but it was so real. I saw the world as it really was. All the beliefs engraved in my mind all these years were disproved, and the veil fell. I was able to see what is hidden behind the empty space, the secrets that whisper to us but we don’t hear. The illusion created by the past, in which I was stuck, afraid to come out, is gone. Now I see the world, people, and life clearly.

Myths, stories, souls. All with their own meaning, and through them, I must find the truth. Life unfolded in a journey of experiences, minute by minute, trying to teach me something beyond the human, beyond my simple self that graces the earth at this particular moment in time. Something that was deep inside me. It leads me to where I need to be and what I need to discover. The real and the fake. The sacred and the demonic. My real self.

I didn’t see these before. I was blind, and I didn’t believe it. The past years have opened my mental eyes. I welcome the new year with anticipation for a new, different journey. The universe offered a gift, which I accepted. It’s my turn to discover the dots connected in a pattern, what’s hidden behind me.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek:

Δημοσιεύτηκε από τον dianachem

Fairy Tales May Be Real


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