A young woman in the woods falls asleep under the shadow of a tree. Some whispers through the tree woke her up, and she tries to hear closely. A spiritual regression of her past life is happening, she sees herself again under the same tree, and in another century, she dances and make love. After a horrible epidemic of flu, her loved one and the half city dies. The church decides that she is a witch. A chase to capture her started. They lock her in the dungeon, torture her and kill her. The young woman returns to her present life.

Directors Statement:
The movie speaks about the possibility of reincarnation, as well the beautiful historical sights and statues give us much interesting information about history that many scenarios can be made through their meaning.

The Movie:

Fesival Journey:
Official Selection: The Lift-Off Sessions 2020
Official Selection: Coal City Film Festival 2020
Official Selection: Athens Marathon International Film Festival 2020
Semi-Finalis: Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF 2020
Semi-Finalis: Festival del Cinema di Cefalù 2021
Honorable Mention: Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 2021
Best Experimental Film: Anatomy: Crime – Horror International Film Festival 2022

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Fairy Tales May Be Real


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