Sad Eyes

I don’t know what to call it. Astral Projection, Tantric Union, or simply Dreaming. Unexplainable dreams, I feel them real. Emotions, thoughts that I want to say, are floating in the void and water the space. The person across me, I feel him. His feelings, what he wants to say, and what I want to hear are connected to my existence.  A secret union of souls. I do not know how to say it. Connection or hallucination.

Everyone dreams. Everyone has a secret world they go to when they sleep. Some say that hidden desires come true. Others speak of predicting an event or situation. Some meet someone dead or even alive. Others have succeeded in manipulating their dreams, doing whatever they want, and meeting whomever they want.

Ever since I met him, my dreams have been disturbing me. This man has a strange influence on me. When we are together, there is confusion in my feelings. His touch and his look affect me. His kisses affect me, even his words. The atmosphere electrifies, our energies become confused, and they become home. I set myself free. My soul embraces his, loves him. I accept everything without inhibitions. I bond with him. I fall in love with him.

I started having dreams of him as the protagonist. Dreams full of love and inappropriate scenes. Tantric feelings, occult feelings, penetrated powerfully into the flesh and the greatness of the soul. Hidden wishes and words come true in the secret world of dreams. Situations seem so real that I wake up with a bitter smile and hidden joy of fulfillment and pleasure.

The dreams changed. They became warnings, insisting that something was happening. And he has changed towards me, unlike at the beginning.

His gaze is often averted from mine, his touch hesitant. He avoids me, finds excuses not to see me, and other things distract him from me. My intuition says something is wrong. Things will change. I didn’t want to accept it. I held on tight to my dreams, to the illusion I had made. This hurt me deeply, and even in my dreams, I couldn’t avoid the truth.

I faced him. I hid my gaze. He was looking at me searchingly.

<<You have sad eyes>> he emphasized.

I looked into his eyes with hidden tears I had held back for a long time.

I woke up, feeling him next to me, but he was nowhere to be found. My eyes were sad, trying to separate reality from the dream I was living.

Some time passed when he called.

<<I saw you in my dream.>> he said worriedly.

<<What did you see.>> breathlessly. I was waiting to hear the proof.

<<You had sad eyes.>> he emphasized again.

There was a pause, a moment to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I knew it was true. I knew I had met him in my dream. I wanted him so much that my soul wandered the astral field, looking for him, to give him a message. My astral self, who lives through me, in my dreams, and knows me better than anyone, was looking for an answer.

<<I have sad eyes.>> I answered, and with a sad heart, I hung up.

Created by Diana Chemeris

Story in Greek link below:

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